Review: Abraham Lincoln – Vampire Hunter

All flashy style, bright visuals, gothic silliness. Exactly what I expected from the director of Wanted, Night Watch and Day Watch!

I’m not a huge fan of Timur Bekmambetov, his films go from slick-and-stylish to downright goofy. Ironically he seems best suited to direct the adaptation of a book called “Abraham Lincoln – Vampire Hunter” the fictional tale of Lincoln’s pre-Presidential life as a slayer of vampires.
If you have seen the other films I have mentioned, you know what to expect. If not then I can only describe the film as a feature length deadpan joke, but it is gloriously well photographed, lit and has some creative fight scenes (the signature fight being in the middle of a stampede!)
Like a lot of Bekmambetov’s movies I found the CG elements used were a little fake looking, certainly not the best seen. The vampires are reasonably traditional, only their jaws widen impossibly (no, not as bad as I Am Legend) and they can survive in the daylight. I think the best element of this indulgence is seeing a man whirling an axe around like a dervish, smashing vampires’ heads off.

However, I was never surprised by the film; it went through the paces, character twists were expected, and perhaps a lot of the best bits were seen in the trailer already. It slows down – naturally – in the middle as Lincoln discovers his love for politics, and while this is temporary, the pay off of having vampires working with the Confederacy felt quite jarring. I preferred the pre-President story compared the war after his election.

It is nonsensical, go and see it for entertainment and leave your brain at the door if you are seeing it at all!
What’s next I wonder, Danny Boyle to direct Pride and¬†Prejudice and Zombies?


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