Fatewalker – A sci-fi trilogy

One man’s future will guide them to ancient mysteries.

If you enjoy my writing as a film reviewer, you might be interested to know I also write stories! For the last few years (that’s putting it charitably) I have been in the process of writing a trilogy of books called Fatewalker.

I adore science fiction. I always have, and I have always written it in some capacity. Fatewalker has gone through many drafts and iterations, and has spawned two sequels to round out as a trilogy, before finding its way into the wild west of Amazon’s Kindle marketplace.
Wild it is indeed! But to put your concerns aside, I have formatted the book appropriately for both physical copies and e-book copies. Its digital form can be read by Kindle or by any browser that supports Amazon (most of them, last time I checked) and it looks good on mobile phones too!

I am currently in the phase of marketing, which is a lot less fun than writing. I do all of my own illustrations for the book, and am currently editing video trailers for it as well – you might have seen one already on this website.

So I encourage you to take a look, especially if you like fast-paced science fiction action adventure stories. I endeavoured to not bog readers down in descriptions with this book; I wanted to express and develop characters through existential crises, action set pieces, and good old daring-do.

And, if you should get so far as to read one or all of the stories, please do leave a review. It helps massively, both in terms of giving it attention but also in my own self-worth <3

Here is also a link to Goodreads.com!

Below is some of the illustrations I have done over the years for Fatewalker. Enjoy!

  • Dimron and his trusted axe, from Fatewalker
  • Karen - No ordinary "karen", she is loyal, supportive and skilled
  • A mysterious thrall. In Fatewalker, individuals can become corrupted by technology
  • In Fatewalker, Seeders are vile opponents of Humanity, corrupting and consuming entire worlds
  • Solkum, in Fatewalker, is a hero of the military, but zealously follows the creed
  • Death from above? From Fatewalker: The Gambler's Dive, a new enemy attacks