Banter Posts


Welcome to the non-review section of the website!

Occasionally I like to write editorials about films, usually on topics I really feel need expressing further than in a review. Or simply wouldn’t work in a review.

So here is a list of my “Banter” posts. You can search for these on the site using that term also.

27.02.23 – An Ode to Cinema?

With a lot of movies-about-movies released in 2023, I wanted to put down my own thoughts about the possible death of cinemas.

24.01.21 – Banter: The Lost Legend

My investigation on the Ridley Scott movie “Legend” from 1985 that no longer exists.

03.04.20 – James Bond theme songs Ranked

Time to rank all the intro sequences from all 24 current James Bond films.

30.03.20 – Star Wars – Ranked

With the Skywalker Saga (supposedly) finished now, why not attempt to rank all of the theatrical release movies?

26.05.19 – The MCU 22 – Ranked

With Avengers: Endgame concluding a huge 10 year spree of Marvel films, it is only fair to give my opinion of how all twenty-two films stack up.

04.12.17 – The Last Jedi Predictions

Following up The Force Awakens predictions post, here’s my preemptive thoughts on the sequel to JJ Abrams popular resurgence of the original franchise.

13.05.17 – Who’s in the Suit?

A prediction post featuring plenty of SPOILERS for the Alien franchise. Just one little theory of mine I just can’t shake.

16.10.16 – A Decepticon Raider in King Arthur’s Court

So you hate what Michael Bay is doing to your childhood, especially with The Last Knight. You might want to check that opinion.

25.05.16 – Director Garry Marshall is Hilarious

A short article about an amusing trend that is developing from director Garry Marshall!

30.03.16 – A Treatment of Batman Vs Superman

Love it or hate it, you can agree BvS has been dividing audiences and critics. I felt its story and screenplay was fractured, so I wrote my own “basic” storyline for it.

12.12.15 – The Force Awakens Predictions

This one is a little outdated, before the Star Wars sequel arrived I wanted to make a list of my personal predictions as to what might happen. I wasn’t far off.

28.12.14 – The Hobbit and the Battle for Tradition

The Hobbit trilogy was slammed (even by its own director given time) and honestly, it deserves a remake. Here’s all the inconsistencies I found between film and book.

12.10.14 – “Bayformers”

Despite my guilty pleasure for watching Michael Bay’s Transformer films, I am able to admit the things that are very, very, very wrong with them. Here’s a long list of them.