Banter: Director Garry Marshall is Hilarious

And whoever does the posters for his films:



I mean I am all for consistency, but just having rows and columns of famous people as your posters, over and over again? And having a filmography of “holiday titled films”? It cracks me up every time!

I’ve no interest in seeing these films, but I totally want to see more annual holidays/festivals get the Garry Marshall poster treatment. What is next?

Mardi Gras?
St. Patrick’s Day?

I mean, he’s not done Christmas Day yet, or Christmas Eve! And I actually predicted Mother’s Day years ago.

The anticipation continues!

It is regretful that I must add that Garry Marshall sadly passed away at the age of 81, on July 19th, 2016.
This post was made in good humour, and I hope people don’t see it as in bad taste.


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