Banter: Force Awakens Predictions

Hi everyone, Cinema Cocoa here with a very short, off-the-cuff post about Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

I would like to make a handful of predictions about the film’s story before it releases, and see if I get any of them right. This post will be used for bragging rights, I won’t lie.

I feel that if Force Awakens turns out to be good, great even, one thing it still might do wrong is it becomes a soft remake of A New Hope. I don’t mean a direct remake, but it might well follow the same story beats: characters starting out on a desert planet, escape the enemy, learn about the Force from older characters, they fight back against a huge spherical space station, and probably win.

Han Solo and/or Chewbacca will die.
In keeping with the remake theory also, Han and/or Chewie will die, similarly to how Obi Wan died in A New Hope. Doesn’t it also make sense that Harrison Ford would happily return to the franchise if he knew it would be the last time?

Luke Skywalker is neither good or evil, but a mixture of the two. What if Luke has become literal “balance” to the Force, having become a recluse learning to master both Light and Dark sides of the force?
At the end of Return of the Jedi, you couldn’t say the Force was balanced, quite the contrary. What if Luke realises this over the thirty years and has become an even greater Jedi master, one who controls both sides of the Force.

Those are my key predictions. I really hope the film isn’t a rehash of A New Hope… the giant “Death Star” imagery does make me concerned that it is just that.

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