Review: Adventureland

A subtle comedy set in the 1980s yet carrying a lot of the current climate of economic change. The characters can be hit-or-miss, but when everything comes to an end, the movie is quite endearing.

A young, impressionable and sheltered graduate finds his plans for the future demolished when his parents cannot support him any longer, and he winds up working in an amusement park with new (equally lost) friends.
Jesse Eisenberg plays the lead role, as the geeky and awkward persona he always plays, and his heart throb is played by Kirsten Stewart… lord help him.
While there’s a lot of honesty here, and everything is played nice and coherently, I felt the two leads were the least interesting. The boss of Adventureland, Bobby, and long-time employee Joel, were my favourites by a country mile. James’ “best friend” Frigo annoyed the hell out of me.
Nice soundtrack, good supporting characters and a fulfilling ending, Adventureland pulls through despite some predictable plotting and mumbling lead characters.


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