Review: Catfish

An independent documentary shot by young film-makers, Catfish follows the internet exploits of Nev, a young photographer who develops a relationship over Facebook.

Nev’s brother and best friend are film-makers, and they decide to record the seemingly innocent relationship as it progresses. A young girl becomes a fan of Nev’s photography, and sends him paintings that replicate them, and eventually he learns of her older sister, Megan, and begins an online relationship. But as the documentary progresses, Nev and the others discover that not everything is as it seems…
An honest, reflective slice of life; both saddening and intimidating in the reality displayed, bringing a deceptive lifestyle that many people nowadays choose into focus.

It is a simple film about every day people, you aren’t going to be blown away or shocked, but Nev’s investigation into who Megan is proves to be both unnerving and entertaining. The sort of thing thousands of people online could often consider doing, but would never be brave enough to attempt.
Anyone who uses networking sites over the internet and appreciate the personalities involved, should see this, and anyone who enjoys documentaries about modern society would be interested. I found it a very honest and genuine documentary.


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