Review: Everything Must Go

Having surprisingly enjoyed Will Ferrell’s Stranger than Fiction much more than I could have imagined, I was intrigued to see a trailer for another low-key, thoughtful film from him. Everything Must Go is certainly well acted through and through, but it was very morose, and eventually felt like one of those films you don’t exactly “enjoy”.

Ferrell plays an every man who has everything, only to lose his job, his car, his wife and his home in a single day. This is where the film begins, with Ferrell living on his front lawn with his scattered belongings around him. With only a new neighbour and a boy to keep him company, he procrastinates and kills time hopelessly, not willing to face the reality life has given him.

While I had no preconceptions (I wasn’t expecting a comedy either) I was surprised how mellow it was as a whole experience; very little happens as our perspective is completely settled with an introverted individual. The best dialogue comes between Ferrell and Christopher Jordan Wallace playing the young boy, everything is downplayed, quiet, and jokes are left to linger, bringing chuckles rather than laughs.
Ferrell’s character is in a dark time in his life, and I wasn’t aware of this bleaker tone, but what it sets out to achieve it achieves in abundance. A very sombre, honest and simple story about life and picking yourself up after disaster.
Not exactly a film for me, but it is well made and worth a watch.


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