Review: Iron Sky

It is a film about Space Nazis from the Moon! Do I need to say more?

So in one exclusive cinema showing, I went to see Iron Sky fully expecting a sort of Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus kind of stupidity, the sort of thing the internet community is making vastly popular.
I don’t say that flippantly either. Iron Sky has been six years in the making from Finland, going through a development hell and even receiving financial support from fans to get it completed! However, even after all of this, Iron Sky proves to be a ludicrously fun movie.

The film begins by immediately setting the tone. There’s no pretence of seriousness as we take events from the Nazi perspective; they had fled World War Two in 1945 and built a secret base “on the dark side of the moon” (as eager young Nazi school children proclaim). Their plan to dominate Earth look set to succeed; they have an African American model-turn-astronaut prisoner, there is an airhead female President of the United States who believes “a wartime President always gets re-elected!” and an entire fleet of Nazi UFOs and Zepplins.

While of course this movie is ridiculous, I must say I was impressed by the level of attention to special effects, costumes and vehicle designs (gigantic steam-punk Nazi space ships?? That is pretty spectacular). This isn’t Uwe Boll quality, it was more like Black Dynamite. From the Nazis being positively oblivious to modern society and far from being ‘superior’, to the many film and internet related in-jokes (I felt the Downfall joke was a little out of place though) as well as political satire, it has a great sense of humour powered by total self-awareness.

With a good sense of humour and space battles and fleets that may put some blockbusters to shame, Iron Sky is good entertainment. Expect a few “they didn’t just do that” moments.


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