Review: Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus

This film has a blooper reel, seriously? This film IS a blooper reel!

I’m pretty sure most people who have any desire to see The Asylum’s first “big hit” have done so already, but for those like me still getting around to it, here’s another review.
So experimental sonar equipment frees two prehistoric monstrosities from a glacier, and it is up to American and Japanese oceanic scientists to save the entire ecosystem from destruction.

I have to admit I am impressed… at how MSvsGO was actually worse than I had expected! Easily worse than Asylum’s Sherlock Holmes (though perhaps more… uhm… faithful to the material?) this film is your generic monster movie, but it doesn’t even match most B-movies in quality! The acting is atrocious, that’s a given, but most glaringly bad is the editing, which tries to give the viewer seizures with constantly flashing white during “action” scenes.
Yeah, the action scenes too are pretty horrible, reusing so much footage that the already predictable storyline becomes increasingly dull. You can’t shoot footage of a warship idle at sea and pretend its firing cannons, it would only be less convincing if you had a kid beside you shouting “blam-blam!” instead.

The movie is utter trash. Yet it has a cult following and many versus monster movies have been made since. It does have one scene (which I had seen before) near the beginning which was hilarious and made the rest of the film totally defunct; there’s no way you can top this.

Recommended only for very, very late night viewings with as many friends as possible! Otherwise, you will probably regret wasting your time.


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