Review: Season of the Witch

Okay so “Nicolas Cage movie” is a genre of its own and perhaps I shouldn’t have expected much from Season of the Witch… but really, this was the best they could do?

I like Nicolas Cage, in a nonsensical way, I also like Ron Perlman who’s alongside him, and they are playing two outcast knights of the Church given the task of escorting a witch so she can stand trial. But is this woman really a witch? Is her innocence merely a façade of evil?
The problem with this movie is that there’s opportunity for character morality and development. We have five men escorting a woman who may, or may not, be evil and the cause behind the Black Plague. While there’s disagreements, no one ever sides with her (not even Cage’s character, who tries to kill her several times!) mostly they agree she cannot be trusted. It is made worse by the film opening with witches clearly turning evil and murdering people, removing almost all sense of doubt the film might try and establish later.
The film eventually runs out of this “padding” and has its climax with silly winged demons incinerating people, zombie priests and the line “We are going to need more holy water.” Yep, I suppose the Plague wasn’t caused by witches so much as demons of the Underworld.

There isn’t much going for it, I’m sure actors like Perlman and Cage could have better chemistry than this. While I enjoyed Sorcerer’s Apprentice because it was silly, Season of the Witch just feels predictable. Heck, even Black Death was better than this.

So yes, the combo of Perlman and Cage doesn’t work as well as it should here, the plot is transparent and the climax uninspired. I’d look elsewhere!


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  1. StCyril says:

    As much as I love Nicolas Cage’s movies… yeah his acting can be summed up in one 4 minute video


    1. cinemacocoa says:

      Haha. This video sure is disturbed, just like the man himself! Thanks for sharing 😀
      There’s plenty of Nic Cage movies I love, but this is not one of them.

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