Review: Species 4 – The Awakening

You are asking yourself… why, why would I do something so stupid as to watch this movie? (a movie you likely didn’t know existed and/or prayed did not exist) Well, for perspective… for frame of reference, to remind myself what bad movies really are!

Species was an entertainingly stupid horror B-movie from 1995, its sequel was a horrible mess of overacting, while the third film was so dull, so mind-boggling that I call it “Species III: Give Small Pox a Chance”, paraphrasing the lead character’s ethics (it was that messed up).
Somehow someone scraped together the money for a fourth movie, and while it is at least more interesting than the third one (that’s not saying much) it remains one of the most confusing, incoherent and miserable examples of storytelling I could imagine.
How you overcomplicate “female aliens disguised as beautiful women so they can breed” is beyond me, but this manages it within the first ten minutes. This is more like a werewolf tale; a woman made of human and alien DNA needs help before the monster inside her takes over. The plot leaves you utterly bamboozled; nothing makes sense, things simply happen for convenience, characters are irrational and without foundation. I can’t even think why this film was made; it didn’t even have the first film’s basic sex appeal, it just drones on without purpose or self-belief.

It is hard to review something so bland and unmemorable. It may have had glimpses of credible visual effects, but the story, characters and narrative (even connections with the basic franchise) are completely non-existent, making it all distinctly irrelevant.

So yes, I wasted 90 minutes.

Additional Marshmallows: Our lead hero, “uncle” and creator of the alien, is played by Ben Cross who also played Spock’s father Sarek in the 2009 Star Trek film.


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