Review: Ted

The not very lovable Ted arrives onto the big screen and is heralded as one of the best comedies of the year. Normally not my sort of film, but there was a lot to get me laughing.

The notorious nature of the hit cartoon series Family Guy is well known to many, it was cancelled and revived twice, and has faced a variety of lawsuits due to its off-colour humour. Now creator Seth MacFarlane has made it to the big screen with the same flare and class… or lack thereof!
On the Christmas of 1985, John (Mark Wahlberg) wished for his teddy bear to come alive, and remarkably, he got his wish! Fast-forward thirty years, John is a layabout underachiever with a big heart, juggling his childish relationship living with Ted (voiced by MacFarlane) and his adult life with his beautiful girlfriend (Mila Kunis). Naturally, vulgar mishaps are abound!

If you are a fan of Family Guy and American Dad, Ted will be for you; it is virtually a live-action interpretation (without the crazy cut-away jokes) most evident with the music which sounds like a direct lift from the shows. It is very much a sitcom scenario, it is a small scale story on the big screen.

The humour is typical MacFarlane, it varies from glorious, to mediocre, to complete miss; some of the jokes are directed towards American audiences and that’s to be expected. But it definitely got laughs from me, even if most of them were at Patrick Stewart’s narration!

It is quite predictable, but it is entertaining and fun in a stupid way, with plenty of pop culture references you may, or may not, get (lots of 1980s gags). I enjoyed Wahlberg and Kunis’ chemistry; the very current trope of a level-headed girlfriend and a loving but gormless, childish guy.

“There is nothing more powerful than a child’s wish….

“Except for an Apache Helicopter…”


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