Review: Fright Night (2011)

Ticks all the boxes for a classic vampire-High School-teen-horror film, it doesn’t compel but I did enjoy it.

Now I will start by admitting I’ve not seen the 1985 original movie of the same name, and according to some this new film’s major problem is that its merely a remake. If that is true, then Fright Night really is a pretty average affair.
When the young people of a small town start vanishing, one boy attempts to uncover a vampire who has taken up residence next door. Along the way he is aided by a flamboyant supernatural television star.

The film does have good pacing, a good soundtrack and some stand-out performances from Colin Farrell and David Tennant, who easily steal the show. Again, speaking as one who hasn’t seen the original, it feels like it harkens back to Buffy territory of vampires; modern and teen directed yet dark and sinister. I like that, vampires are predators who operate exactly as Farrell depicts in this movie.
The film even keeps most of the vampire mythos intact: crosses, stakes, sunlight, no reflection, don’t show up on video recording… they are evil.

It is a good solid film, I didn’t find the characters too irritating (except maybe Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s character… but that could just be him) and Anton Yelchin continues to give good performances too.
I will say it goes a little pear-shaped when it includes CG elements… sure it isn’t as bad as I Am Legend‘s CG effects, but really I don’t understand the need to overdo vampires like this. At least do it well if you are doing it at all!

Nothing I haven’t seen before, it can be put on in the background as you do something else, but it’ll be good for people who are getting into the vampire genre; it treats the creatures with respect.

Additional Marshmallows: Hey, look at that, I wrote a vampire film review without mentioning the “T” word………. well, technically at least.

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