Review: Safe

It’s another Jason Statham movie!

A young girl Mei has a gift of remembering numbers and after being used by the Triads to hold the combination to an important safe, she is pursued not only by them but also corrupted cops and Russian mobsters. Only Jason Statham can protect her!

It is funny how the man is literally his own genre of movies nowadays… I’d have to look up IMDB just to remember his character’s name because it was so underused, relinquished as a subheading beneath his own name.
That in a way sums up Safe quite nicely; it is a film without any substance or story or integrity, it just blasts along with the pacing of an unloading Uzi and the character relationship of a punch to the head.

It starts out with some questionable editing choices; scenes are shredded together like some sort of ransom note, Statham’s story told quietly next to Mei’s own backstory. Mei’s story told initially with a cumbersome flashback-within-flashback nonsense that really took me out of caring. Statham however, was more intriguing at first. His character… oh okay, I’ll look up the name… Luke Wright (giggle, Look Right) starts out broken and lost, far from the usual self confidence we see from Statham. Interesting!
But, somewhere down the line he turns back into the bad-ass we all know, and the film too dissolves into a manic chase with Mei becoming little more than an object, a ball being passed to and from players in a match. Gun battles, some exposition, more gun battles.

Which is kinda sad… there’s a lot of potential squandered between Mei and Look Right, I would have liked to see the grisly bodyguard finding himself through the need to protect the child… but nope. That only surfaces right at the end of the film, after we’ve forgotten everything that happened in the first five minutes.

It is a Jason Statham movie, you already know if you are going to like it or not. Tonnes of gun fights, loads of Statham punching and killing people to a perpetual background noise of innocent screaming.
For Statham, it ain’t bad, for a waste of time it isn’t bad either. Just dial your expectations down!

Additional Marshmallows: At least Safe had the decency to have its foreign characters speak their own languages when they should! Subtitles and all! Unlike… oh, I don’t know… Spielberg’s own Warhorse!

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