Review: Turbo

While EA produces a film adaptation of a racing video game, I go back to Dreamworks answer to Cars. It was… okay.

Theo is a simple garden snail who daydreams of a life of racing, motor racing that is. He has a racing driver for an idol, and his fellow snails laugh at him for his oddness. But one day he is sucked into a street racing car’s nitrous oxide fuel and gains super speed. With a team of friends he works his way to compete in the Indy 500 race circuit.

Now… a lot of this film’s success lies on how far you reject the absurd concept! I gotta say, it is ridiculous and I can’t say I fell in love with the character or the supporting characters; they mostly fall into street racing stereotypes (voiced by Samuel L. Jackson and Snoop Dogg, for example) and Turbo’s morality tale feels a little too carefree and inconsequential. Super powers solve your problems!
This is comparable with Pixar’s Cars, where flashy oddball McQueen must learn humility and appreciate others. Turbo on the other hand is about his success and taking it all the way. While it is about a little man making it big, it is a little too convenient and centralised around his story.

Visually it is fun, Theo’s transformation into a super snail is entertaining with his eyes turning into headlights… a gimmick that wasn’t used again, but it was funny.

This is certainly one of Dreamworks more shallow experiences, which makes it quite forgettable, but it is fun at the very least. Also makes it a little hard to write about.


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