Review: Top Gun – Maverick

When someone says longingly: “They don’t make films like that anymore,” this is the sort of film they are talking about! Pete “Maverick” Mitchell may not be in the Navy’s good books anymore, but when a deadly mission requires the best of the best to be even better, he is called in to teach them….

Review: War Dogs

From director Todd Phillips, War Dogs is surprisingly serious in tone. Based off true events War Dogs follows David, a twenty-something American who has no idea what to do with his life. That is until he teams up with his eccentric school friend Erhaim and his business of selling military hardware to the US military….

Remake Rumble: Fantastic Four

In light of the disastrous team up of director Josh Trank and film studio 20th Century Fox, I wanted to rewatch the two films from ten years previously, also produced by 20th Century Fox and directed by Tim Story (a man who has since directed little more than the comedy Ride Along) and were generally…

Fantastic Four (2015) (aka Fant4stic)

Fantastic Four’s 2015 reboot proves to be less than fantastic and more a victim of directorial and studio disputes, rendering it a completely mute, grey and uninspiring experience. Reed Richards grew up from being a child science prodigy in his parents’ basement creating a working teleportation device. Hired by Professor Franklin Storm he completes the…

Review: Whiplash

A tremendous short story following a young drummer student locking horns with his sociopathic but passionate mentor. Andy Neyman is a young student at a prestigious music school studying the art of drums. But when he catches the attention of a notoriously strict but skilled jazz composer named Terence Fletcher, Andy must drastically improve his…