Review: Top Gun – Maverick

When someone says longingly: “They don’t make films like that anymore,” this is the sort of film they are talking about! Pete “Maverick” Mitchell may not be in the Navy’s good books anymore, but when a deadly mission requires the best of the best to be even better, he is called in to teach them….

Tribute Review: Tony Scott

Less than two weeks ago director Tony Scott passed away, and Hollywood lost one of its better contributors, a director whose films felt kinetic and real in an era of visual effects and padding. His films were often style over substance, and while his older brother Ridley Scott often directed cerebral movies, his films were…

Saga Review: Batman

Possibly one of the most iconic, well received and respected “superheroes” created, Batman’s success is thanks to the relatively down-to-Earth nature of the character, a¬†billionaire¬†with a taste for vengeance, with training and a lot of gadgets.It is the villains that broaden Batman’s scope, and are always the most interesting and mesmerising elements in any story….