Fatewalker – Book Series

If you enjoy reading fiction as much as film reviews, you might be interested to know I have written a book and it available on Amazon! Both as an eBook and as a paperback!
Fatewalker is a science fiction action adventure story, think Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Warhammer 40,000 mixed into one. I created the illustrations for it also.

Because it is on the Kindle market, it can be read on all devices through the Kindle app, including web browsers through the Kindle Reader!

Find it here!

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“The visions of one man’s fate will lead them to an ancient secret.

In a distant future, a reluctant young man finds himself travelling between the stars with a secretive team of soldiers to hunt down elusive life forms that kill without reason and vanish without a trace. Between wars with other races, shaky peace treaties and cybernetic cultists, does he let fate decide his future, or run from it forever?

Looking for a fast paced, action-packed science fiction adventure? Follow young Morlin in a planet-trotting journey as he has the unlikely fortune of teaming up with Solkum and Karen, two specially trained soldiers and Dimron, an old but battle-crazed warrior. Morlin’s aimless life is turned around when they encounter an entity that shows him a glimpse of his future… a glimpse that may make his involvement extremely valuable to uncovering mysteries of the galaxy.


Fatewalker promises to be the first of several stories, unraveling the mystery of the Construct entities and the shadowy past of the biological Seeder species.”