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Welcome to Cinema Cocoa! Thank you for visiting my humble site, please feel free to see the Alphabetic Archive tab for a comprehensive list of all my film reviews to date. Otherwise, check the Reviews! tab for the most recent reviews I’ve written!

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I love my movies, from growing up in a family of film lovers, most of my knowledge and opinions were born from simply watching films. While I may not have a degree in film journalism or film making, I have been reviewing films since 2009 and have accumulated a lot of knowledge about movies and trivia about production. I am an avid fan of modern cinema, but will always respect and watch the classics!

Fed up of people ranting and raging, or being biased towards films? I try to provide a balanced and fair opinion in a variety of genres. I am a writer, so I often focus my reviews on the script, screenplay, characters and story over technical aspects. Not that I am completely ignorant of film making!

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Here is the Cinema Cocoa rating system of Cups of Hot Coco!

It is an exceptional film, highly recommended for everyone to watch
i.e. Skyfall, Room, Nightcrawler, Modern Times

A film that is definitely worth watching, maybe had one element (casting, CGI, soundtrack, pacing etc) out of place
i.e Star Wars: Force Awakens, Dredd, Arrival

While maybe lacking in certain areas, perhaps generic or predicatble, this film is still far above the rest and should be appreciated. Solid effort.
i.e. The Grey, Rocky, Snowpiercer

Above the average. The film is likely highly regarded by many but perhaps lacks a special something to elevate it for me. A very good experience nonetheless
i.e. Interstellar, Disney’s Frozen, Mission: Impossible

A decent film, somewhat crippled by a larger issue, or perhaps has badly dated. Not to be seen as a bad film, but likely works as a time filler rather than an immersive experience
i.e. Robocop 2, Batman Forever, Monsters University

Middle of the road. This film lacks as much as it gives; for any particularly good moments there are rushed, broken or plain bad ones
i.e. Bourne Legacy, World War Z, The Purge: Election Year

You probably don’t need to watch this film, but there’s perhaps a singular element that really stands out; a performance or… gratuitious motivations. Probably not worth the time
i.e. The Heat, Cars 2, Hostel

An experience beyond saving; likely only salvaged by semi-decent effects or thematic device. Or maybe its just really funny to laugh at.
i.e. Maleficent, Starship Troopers 2, Gods of Egypt

Don’t even bother. This film will likely ruin your soul and make you feel terrible for giving it your time or money. Or it is a great film to watch while drunk or high.
i.e. Terminator Genisys, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Oldboy (2013)

Why? Just… why?

i.e. The Room, XXX2: State of the Union, Nine Lives

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  1. Kellie says:

    Hello! Great stuff here, please keep us posted.

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    1. cinemacocoa says:

      Thank you Kellie! Your support is appreciated!


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