Review: Top Gun – Maverick

When someone says longingly: “They don’t make films like that anymore,” this is the sort of film they are talking about! Pete “Maverick” Mitchell may not be in the Navy’s good books anymore, but when a deadly mission requires the best of the best to be even better, he is called in to teach them….

Review: mother!

An incredibly traumatising and dark dive into multiple facets of human nature. She is a resourceful wife set about rebuilding her husband’s old house after it was devastated in a fire. The house holds significance with him, a muse to his poetic and creative writing that he has had much success with. But while she…

Review: Apollo 13

From expert director Ron Howard comes perhaps the defining space exploration film; rooted by true events Apollo 13 still stands as a testimony to what humanity could be. Shortly after the amazing success of the Apollo 11 lunar landing that saw Neil Armstrong walk on The Moon, Apollo 13’s mission was to repeat the performance….