Review: Top Gun – Maverick

When someone says longingly: “They don’t make films like that anymore,” this is the sort of film they are talking about! Pete “Maverick” Mitchell may not be in the Navy’s good books anymore, but when a deadly mission requires the best of the best to be even better, he is called in to teach them….

Review: Tag

I think someone just wanted to see Jeremy Renner do parkour. The premise of Tag is of five grown men who have been playing the same game of Tag for thirty years, despite having jobs and lives of their own. One of them though, has never been tagged. Moreover, it is “inspired” by true events….

Review: Baby Driver

An enjoyable, original heist movie, although with some bumps in the road. A young, unassuming heist getaway driver wants out of the business of crime after falling for a waitress, but his boss and fellow criminals who need his ace driving skills won’t let him go so easily. Baby Driver is the brainchild of writer/director…