Review: Sausage Party

It is as obscene and ugly as the trailer depicts, but it is also far from “the Pixar of adult animation” as its creators claim.

What happens when food is sentient, and when food realises what happens to it when we buy it? Frank the hotdog and Brenda the bun are about to find out.

Straight off the bat, two things distance myself from enjoying Sausage Party: this generally isn’t my sort of thing, vulgar humour that isn’t present for any reason other than to be vulgar; and the rumours that the production studio overworked and underpaid their animators to reduce the budget.
The first may or may not bother you, the second may or may not be true.

This is not a kids cartoon. This is about as vulgar and adult-orientated as an animation about food can get, perhaps since 1972’s Fritz the Cat. There is a definitely conscious effort to make Sausage Party as low-brow and adult as possible… to the detriment of basically everything else in the production, it is an experiment, a wild experiment about how far creator and lead voice actor Seth Rogen can take things in 2016.
There’s a saying about the Internet: all debate and discussion will eventually lead to a references or joke about Adolf Hitler. This movie gets there in five minutes. This movie is a rampant rollercoaster of racial stereotypes, stereotypes deliberately pinned to certain foods, and I guess I cannot blame the thought behind it… I mean… these foods are inherently from certain countries!
But when your film literally hinges, living and dying on such base writing and joke making… it doesn’t do anything for me.

What got me into the theatre at all was the cleverness of the trailer; happy, ignorant food being taken into heavenly light only to discover their fate is bloody, horrific murder. That’s funny! However in reality, this sequence takes up maybe five percent of the movie. Yeah, its that little. There’s another scene in a stoner’s house that is similarly really well done, but otherwise everything takes place in the supermarket.
Welcome to more racial stereotypes and race jokes and sex jokes and basically all the most juvenile humour that we’ve all probably thought of at one point or another. Hope it is worth the price of admission, folks.

I feel as though this could have been a really good short animation, like fifteen to thirty minutes long. As it stands I felt impatient, waiting through a lot of generic jokes for the good ones to come along.

Now, I can be hard on it. I see a lot of films, and I see a lot of bad films. Sausage Party isn’t terrible, it just isn’t my thing. If you like stoner comedy, if you like to watch things while stoned, this will do everything for you! This is probably the most insane thing I’ve seen since… The Lego Movie?? (For very different reasons).

It is an experiment. It is a messy, often redundant but sometimes clever experiment, and I have never seen anything like it before, and probably never will again.
But if you are like me, and think that one of the movie’s best comedic ideas is for its villain to be a douche because he’s literally a douche is completely pathetic… yeah, you might want to skip it.



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