Review: Haywire

A somewhat simple, cookie-cutter action thriller but with enough style and a strong female protagonist to make it unique.

Haywire follows the story of Mallory Kane, a black ops undercover operative working for the Government, when her life it turned upside down after being betrayed by those around her.

The film is extremely simple, you have probably watched it before but in a different guise; undercover mission goes bad, corruption, framed for murder, cat-and-mouse chase, looking for answers. There is very little in the narrative to make Haywire stand out, in fact, it takes things so easily that you might imagine more going on than there actually is!

But the film show-cases newcomer lead actress Gina Carano as an extremely capable actor and physical fighter; the film is loaded with close combat duels and brawls that show off her abilities. Maybe not on the grand scale of The Raid, but no less impressive.
Director Steven Soderbergh brings his usual smart sophistication that made his Ocean’s Eleven film so successful; the film is moody and often morose, quiet and lending itself to musical accompaniment. (Having said that, all of the fight scenes are without music, adding to their pressure) The music… will be a love it or hate it deal, I will admit it took some getting used to as it felt very out of place at times.

But, despite its flaws it has a great supporting cast: Ewan McGregor, Channing Tatum, Antonio Banderas, Michael Douglas and Michael Fassbender, as well as a strong and independent woman in the leading role.
Have some spare time, enjoy action/thriller films? Give Haywire a go.

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