Review: Before I Go to Sleep

Amnesia! The writer’s best friend comes back to haunt Nicole Kidman in her newest thriller. While the premise has been done before, I still found the film engaging and an overall success.
Kidman plays Christine, a woman who every day wakes up with no memory of the last twenty years due to an accident. Her husband Ben, played by Colin Firth, is conflicted and struggling to cope with her condition, reminding her daily about who she is.
But when a doctor calls her and instructs her to find a camera he had her use to keep a video diary to help reconstruct her memory things aren’t all that they seem.
The film had me interested immediately with its small cast, Nicole Kidman, Colin Firth and Mark Strong (as Doctor Nash) there is something appealing about film’s that focus so intently on characters, especially with thrillers.
It is also extremely hard to talk about this film and not spoil anything. Consider that your warning. Sufficed to say I enjoyed it a great deal.
The meat of the film comes directly from Colin Firth’s character Ben. Initially the audience is extremely skeptical of his character, considering we are as in the dark as Kidman’s character is and Ben is clearly holding things back during the first act.
However, the story twists and pulls at your expectations just enough to change even my cynical mind at times, Firth’s performance is very engaging and creates a complex character and probably makes the film. If this wasn’t as strong, it would have been terribly transparent. Kidman and Strong also work very well together, making a lot of the clue drops and investigation scenes compelling.
It is a little forgettable, excuse the pun, but only because of the amnesia storyline and perhaps being somewhat predictable. But the lengths it goes to to convince you otherwise and throw you off the scent of what may or may not be happening is to be commended!
I enjoyed it, a classic thriller drama that kept me guessing in all the right ways and revealing new information in tantalizingly slow doses.

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