Review: Iron Man 3 (3D)

Stark’s getting too big for his iron clad boots, so big that there’s no room for anyone else!

With an advanced, advanced preview I can give you my thoughts on Iron Man 3, and I can tell you right now, you aren’t going to expect half of what happens! (the trailer threw me completely off the scent)

The film is set after the events in Avengers Assemble and we see a burnt out Tony Stark who is overwhelmed with the hero worshiping and the memories of his near-death experience. The events in Avengers are game changing, and he isn’t ready for competitors pioneering in bio-warfare technology or the terrorist known only as The Mandarin.

The good stuff first. Robert Downey Jr is still on fire as Tony Stark (and no matter what I might say to lessen this experience, fans of his will still love it for him) his dialogue is still snappy and loaded with sarcastic wit. The action sequences are very creative and ludicrously dynamic what with Tony’s newest suit’s ability to fragment and locate him, or for it to fly and work remotely. Almost all of the action sequences revolve around this trick (if you thought the suitcase suit was bizarre, you ain’t seen nothing yet!)
There are several occasions were Stark has to make do without the suit, and these are definitely the best moments in the film! Hilarious.

But if I can now dive into the problems… I didn’t like the film’s antagonist. Now I may start wobbling into spoiler territory here, but early on in the film we are introduced to an indestructible soldier. Think of a fiery rendition of the Terminator’s T-1000 (reforming lost limbs and all) and these soldiers become the film’s main threat.
The special effects are great, but the villain’s motivations and personality are paper thin. We know and love Tony Stark, now the story needs to give us some convincing villain for him to face and what we get here is not the answer. Yes, I will go out and say it: Iron Man 2′s Whiplash was more interesting.
My issue is with the film’s overriding focus on Stark himself (what, I hear you cry) because the story’s justification for this feels shallow and unrefined:

“The love triangle in this movie is between Tony, Pepper and his obsession with those suits.” – Producer Kevin Feige.

That is the film’s meat at the end of the day and honestly I felt it was an insufficient theme for a third (technically fourth) outing for these characters.

Urgh, I can’t say the film wow’ed me. It isn’t your typical “trilogy third act”. In fact it is remarkably underplayed at times and its ponderous nature did make me a little restless: “Where are we going with this? Why are we here, talking to this character?” (especially that little kid…) which I pin almost entirely on the poorly established and executed villains.

Creative action sequences, laugh-out-loud funny moments, but unconvincing villains and a ponderous theme, makes Iron Man 3 good, but not great.

Additional Marshmallows: I really cannot say more to explain why elements don’t work without spoiling the film. Let’s just say there’s a twist involved (I don’t even know how comicbook geeks will handle it!) Go and see it for yourselves!

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